Best Freelance Websites To Make Money From Home

There are few best freelance websites to make money from home. people are making business over internet through different top level freelance website. we will introduce you with few best freelance websites where you can start business right away. freelance business rise more than past, college student, home owner, self employed person making money using those best freelance websites.

Best Freelance Websites

  1. :- The world largest and one of the best freelancer websites! running with more than 17 million user. they were started long time ago and still growing member. charge always higher than any others site because of high demand. freelancer pty limited head office located in Australia and they have few others office in different countries. freelancer charge 11% for worker and 3% for buyer.
  2. :- Upwork is a freelancer based website who has changed their name! upwork past name was odesk. i am not sure why they changed the name because maximum people know them by odesk. upwork now reach over 1.5 million user! upwork head office located in USA and no others office out of USA. upwork charge 10% from buyer no charge paid by worker.
  3. :- Another good marketplace of best freelancer websites. elance offer few bids to make proposal to buyer. if your proposal amount reach zero you need to purchase membership in order to use elance. you can also wait a month to get refiled your proposal. elance does not have much member like above two website.
  4. :- People per hour is a new freelancer site. they don’t have good number marketing as a result the site are still new and maximum freelancer don’t know about people per hour. there are various jobs like forum posting, blog comment, search engine optimization, internet marketing etc available.
  5. :- Guru is an old freelance site. guru has collected more than a million of user from global location. member can post job and accept job to make money with business. i am not sure about their charges but guru is well formatted best freelance sites.

Charges and Fees:

There are various website and fees for different purpose. maximum website charge 10% from worker who earn money from buyer by doing a freelance job. beside, if you post a job as  buyer you will be charged 3% of total amount. minimum withdrawal is $20 to $30. there is an membership charge to reduce project fees. for an example- offer $49 membership that will charge you 5% project fees. to keep your membership you are require to pay monthly fees.

There is few others best freelance sites but people wont to work on them. an existing freelancer with good reputation should not change freelancer sites. it will harm for business! but if you can increase your business area my better suggestion is open an account at new freelance site but keep running both account.

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