Where to outsource for best earning & reputation

Outsource is now like a primary business for peoples. I am a freelancer since 2005 and doing the business on several platforms. some time i am being asked where to find a standard job based on expertise area. i got the idea to explain for everyone so this article is posted.

Expertise level at outsource

Based on expertise level i can say outsource place should be different. it also depended on your work capability, knowledge or extraction and finishing. lets we can make three different part of the expertise level.

New freelancer

A new freelancer works hard to get their first job. generally, they receive a job offer suddenly or a long time after bidding. freelancer should gain some experience via web search, youtube videos or informational portal. the search engine can help you to find out the necessary knowledge. you need press the right keyword in the search box.  I recommended the following website for the first time outsource seeker

  1. seoclerk.com
  2. gigbucks.com
  3. rapidworkers.com
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I have listed top three sites where you can start outsourcing. it all about small business. join them and post your offer for any small task. it could be social media sharing, increase follower etc. set a cheap price and share the service link to social sites.

Mid Level Expert

I am indicating more than three years experience on any filed. there is a number of job category on the web! you must be expert in an exact category to gain a minimum job. for mid level expert freelancer, i am suggesting following marketplace.


  1. shorttask.com
  2. fiverr.com
  3. microworkers.com

expect fiverr you can participate freedom job at other two websites. an employer already posted their job to get done. always submit true information upon completion any job. for more details of training material, you can watch youtube videos.

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Expert Level freelancer

Expert level! who has more than five or more year experience. top freelancer market is ready for an expert freelancer. register an account to get started. you must be ready with sufficient tools to do necessary terms. another requirement is fluent English. without perfect language knowledge joining the big marketplace worth is zero. make sure you are an expert in the English language.

  1. freelancer.com
  2. upwork.com
  3. guru.com

Freelancer require a credit card or PayPal account to make the transaction through them. upwork require a regular credit card. they don’t accept prepaid card to post a job. guru and others common media allow payment through the only PayPal.

There is two different part for all three sites. you can work as a freelancer beside you can post a job as an employer. otherwise, you can go both ways. before you open an account make sure you have read their terms and charges.

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What you must avoid

  • Never share your personal information with someone via the chat system.
  • Do not take the payment out of the platform. if you do so you will lose a seller feedback.
  • Posting contact details on the profile page.
  • Do not use any false information like duplicate name & address.
  • Do not place a bid or confirm employer unless you can capable the job.

If you have any question or concern related my writing feel free to post your comment. I will provide my best to answer your question.