How to change domain name – make default primary domain

Change domain name works for only website hosting company services. an existing host user can change domain name as default domain. you might have a primary domain right now associated with hosting provider along with others address. to make it clear i can say if you have 2 or more domain added in your host then you can change your primary domain. there are far difference between change domain name and rename a domain.

How to change domain name

There are too many web hosting provider so i am not sure what service you are using right now. to make change your primary domain in host panel contact with your service provider. lookup for support ticket option and submit a message like you want to change your primary domain associated with hosting package. domain name change can be figured to any host providers.


Rename a domain! is it possible?

No, an existing domain name cannot be renamed but you can register as a new domain if available for registration. there are no chance and no option to rename your domain spelling once it activated. you will have time to make a request to cancel new domain registration order. in that case contact instantly with your domain registrar. getting domain from top level website like godaddy would not have the time because it activate instantly within few moments.


How to find a domain information!

You may need to get information about any existing domain! if you want to make sure who is current registrar then check domain whos to see details. sometime current user hide all information using whos security. to see an existing domain information go to and enter your address to see current status.


Change domain name on hostgator

  1. In the My Account Tab, select the Packages icon:
  2. Select the Actions menu on the package you wish to update, and select Change my Domain.
  3. Enter the new domain name you wish to use: Note: This will only change the domain setup on the server. …
  4. Select the Update Domain button.


Change domain name on godaddy

  1. From the Hosting Control Center home page, click the More menu and then select Hosted Domains.
  2. Select your primary hosted domain, and then click Change Primary.
  3. Enter the new primary domain for your account, and then click OK.

If you are user of bluehost click here to learn more how to change domain name on your behalf.

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