How to create best freelancer profile?

So you are still interested from first step of this tutorial! as i was told i will explain how to create a best freelancer profile to increase your client audience. to become a successful freelancer your profile is very important part of all.

Create Your Best Freelancer Profile

When you are a new freelancer & joined with or any related marketplace it will bit difficult to gain instantly. after joining a site you need completed profile to display clients. i am going to show step by step tutorial on it- lets go ahead!

Step 1# Upload image & describe your experience

First login your account then visit profile page to start editing for first time. if you are not sure how to reach your freelance profile page then simply click on your username at dashboard.  you should reach the following menu!

You will have option to upload your profile photo! when you are a team member and working as a group upload your logo beside individual user should upload their own photo. describe best experience and select skill that the part you are expert. as it a big marketplace in the world so without any past experience getting a job is too much complex. lets move to set your educational history so clients can interact by looking your qualifications. you should setup an hourly rate as you are ready to work for $$ per hour. this price is an estimated charge only but you can ask client based on work difficulty.

Step 2# Verification Process

Freelancer stuff require different kind of verification in order keep trust on you. i must suggest you one thing before you start this business. do not create any fake profile and more than one account. this is very big problem would be later. also creating account using another country or fake address caused locked down after few days.

Must keep in mind every account will be checked once payment received from any clients through a project.

What you will need to verify each step?

  • Credit Card
  • Active cell phone number to receive SMS code.
  • An working email address where you have access to login.
  • Facebook account connection is like a optional job.
  • Identity verification will require your national id card or passport and bank statement or utility bill.

If you don’t have a credit card added in to account you cannot make deposit. in another hand you still be able to use your account and make money without credit card! for payment verification purpose you can use paypal or any others method that accepted by

Step 3# Certification

Certification is now important because you cannot apply for limited number of jobs without English qualification test. at least USA English exam is a must for applying qualified jobs. as a non expert you can take help from friends and colleague. there are many freelancer exam to present and get badge with profile.

I will suggest you take exam which is best and easy for you. do not go through non expert skill test! failed an exam will not affect your account. you will be able to retake the exam after a specific time.

Step 4# Portfolio

Portfolio is another system where you can show example of your past job. maximum client look portfolio when they search freelancer to do anything. you should setup at least few portfolio item that will be exactly like a sample job. before you apply for a preferred freelance program you will need to have at least eight portfolio item.

In our next article we will guide you how to start applying for job and which job is best nearest for you! if you are satisfied at least 1% through the article don’t forgot to share with your social connection. have any curious question don’t forgot to post a comment below.

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