How Can I Increase Adsense CPC- Best Method 2017

Bring your best adsense CPC even you down! i am going to explain a brief details how to increase your adsense cpc. i hope you will see this article suitable for adsense cpc problem. so lets talk about adsense! the great one publisher program to earn revenue using relevant website content. if you reach here suddenly without knowledge of adsense please read our another article what is adsense. lets go ahead about cpc problem.

Diagnostics Your Adsense CPC Issue

It’s kind of confusing because you don’t expect something to be wrong in your site. however, you may have some wrong with setup or content writing. to determine exact issue i have created a checklist which can help you detect real caution. follow the terms below & try to match with your website.

increase adsense cpc

  • Have a good number article & everything is unique. (not copy to pasted)
  • Meta description like keyword, description tag and relevant title tag already added.
  • Article has popular keyword and it has at least 3% keyword density.
  • Your google page speed over 75% for desktop and 60% for mobile.
  • Website/blog content was written with latest high paying keywords.
  • Have created and submitted a XML sitemap in to google webmaster tools.
  • Google page crawler is running and downloading site pages content everyday.

Expect the above suspected point you may have others reason. you should look up them only if you are sure all above point is cleared.


Lets Think How To Fix Your Issue

If you would like to fix your problem own self first try to understand quality of your content. good quality content only can help you increase cpc. follow the solution tips from below-

  1. Proof read your articles & find out if any grammar error or too many incorrect spelling. possible time check with plagiarism checker and copy scape checker. specially you need check them only if article written by unknown person or freelancer.
  2. Keywords is another main part for relevant ads. your articles should contain over 2% and less than 3% keyword density. for an example- your keyword is “make money” if so your should be appeared 3% time. it likely 500 word article so keyword appearing time fifteen. this is very important! page title and keyword description is another option which can fix using Yoast SEO plugin.
  3. Your article category/niche should be on high paying keywords. it also need to be popular topic. i have seen a lot of blog where popularity score is below than 10%. it mean maximum people is not interested their subject of articles.
  4. Google page speed is a subject for your website. in case your page speed down major traffic will be loss and people could close before appear the ads. in my sense and experience it should be over 75% for desktop and at least 60% for mobile view.
  5. At least submit your XML sitemap in the webmaster tools. google would love to download your content for their record. generally google spider download content and display ads with relevant keywords. you must take care of page crawler.

What Else If Your Problem Not Solved After Those All?

  • You can do first things- block your unwanted ads from “block ads” menu.
  • Adjust your articles with high paying keywords of current time like 2017 for now.
  • Remove unknown plugin which can effect on keywords and contents.
  • Update your site with correct privacy policy, and provide all contact information.

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Still I Have Few Suggestion For You

Without the above solution i still have few suggestion for improvement. google generally pay high cpc for major north american country like USA. in this case your should receive maximum traffic from there. in another view google pay maximum cpc for English language site. if your site content is not in English cpc may be down for that. to resolved those matter you have to change site language and traffic source.

If this article help for you then post a thank you in comments. we would like to provide you more tutorial and tips for further business.

This article published on: 02/06/2017

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