How to verify indian paypal – Step By Step Tutorial

I have read and heard a lot about paypal account verification system in india. today i am going to explain a details tutorial on create and verify paypal in india. an existing paypal user would be enjoyed new experience too. lets come to the point! our topic is how to open and verify indian paypal.

Before Opening Indian Paypal!

I must explain you something that important for you before touch paypal. indian paypal always come with limited access. after creating an account it will be limited instantly! your goal is remove limitation by providing valid identity proof. its happen for indian government regulatory with paypal management. actually paypal is not permitted to offer sending and receiving money before pass verification. so note it first you will get an account which is limited since signup.

paypal in indiaGet Started

When you are a newbie for paypal take a look what you will get and what are not. i have screen a image from paypal. they introduction something about indian paypal. you will get following sending and receiving advantage after opening an account.


Send Payment: You can send payment only using international debit or credit card via paypal. it mean, you have to add your international credit or debit card in your paypal. you cannot send money from your available balance.


Receive Payment: You can receive export related payment from 203 country. generally you can sale any digital service and physical product using your paypal. there are no restriction for selling and buying.

Withdraw Fund: Paypal integrate their service based on region and area. for now you can only withdraw money to your bank. you cannot withdraw money to a card like others country.

Lets create your account and start verification process. i will explain you from starting to end so bear with me. i suggest to open a personal account for first time because you can upgrade it later if necessary.


An individual account allow all kind of service for a personal business. you can send and receive money from global location where paypal is supported. keep in mind paypal transfer your money 24 hours rolling basis.

it indicate if you receive a payment from someone an automatic withdrawal would be be proceed from your paypal to bank.

an additional bank account is a must to verify your paypal. without indian bank account you cannot verify your paypal. click continue to fill others information and start verification process. make sure you have check and double check your name and others information.

keep in mind your information is very important and it must be match with your government issued documents. do not try to open paypal in india using any fake information. you may loss your paypal opening chance for life time.

Verification documents and step

You will need few important documents which is issued by indian government. i already explained about paypal opening documents in this tutorial. anyways, you will need following indian government issued documents.

  • PAN card (Permanent Account Number)
  • Bank Account (Must be indian bank)

Next? Start verification

After joining paypal you will be displayed a task board. the task board show require step to remove limited access. if you can pass task board verification limited access will be passed and fully restored your account. anyways, the task board will be like below for all indian paypal.

Provide PAN 

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is issued by indian government. if you don’t have a PAN card do not try to open paypal. PAN is a 10 character long which is number and letter mixed identity proof documents. make sure you have used exact name spelling on paypal related to PAN.

pan card for indian paypalImportant: paypal management will be checked your PAN number using public database records. if you want to use fake PAN card verification will be failed and permanently close your paypal. my best suggestion review your provided information before press submit button at opening time.

Confirm Email

Confirm email for now as regular job. paypal send you an email in order to verify its you. you should check email inbox to receive verification link. next you will need a bank account.

Add Bank Account

This is an important requirement to get removed your limitation. you can add any bank account but it must be indian bank. paypal send two small deposit to confirm your bank account. check your bank transaction history after 3-7 working days to receive two exact small deposit. come back with your two small deposit amount and enter wallet page to verify bank account.

purpose code for indian paypalPurpose Code

Purpose code is an important matter too. indian government want to know for what purpose you are making transaction. purpose code is important but noting complex.

I suggest to use Advertising and market research for blogger who making money through freelance job. actually outsourcing based service provider should select this one.

If you are getting payments for any others purpose select best one from the list. you can change purpose code later at anytime. also it can be changed for every transaction.

Additional verification requirement

You should have a credit card to make payment. adding a PAN number and bank account would allow you receive payment from any clients. make payment to some or send money  is not possible without adding a credit or debit card. you must have an international credit or debit card to send payment using your indian paypal.

A list of few bank account who will issue you international debit card

Credit Card Verification

Indian paypal has tested with above five bank credit & debit cards. i suggest you open a saving account in Axis bank and get default visa international debit card to use at paypal. you can add entropay virtual card and neteller virtual card for first time use but i do not suggest you use it long time purchase.

Phone Verification

Paypal love to verify your phone number. click on verification link from profile page to receive SMS code. enter the code back to your paypal and verify instantly.

Conclusion: You have read a long length article! hope you tried but job should be done successfully. keep using your paypal. for future verification paypal might ask you bank account statement to see address proof. keep your documents (PAN card, Voter ID, Bank statement) ready. post a comment below if you enjoyed the article.

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