How to get an international credit card in Bangladesh

International credit card still a dream in Bangladesh. however, a few number of bank offering international credit & debit card here in Bangladesh. the chance is ten percent but still possible to get a card. i am gonna to share my experience of major credit card issuer.

International credit card

I hope you need a credit card for online transaction & ATM withdraw out of country! if so you have reach a correct place to understand everything about credit card. i know the banking facility for issuing a credit card. Now you can have multi currency card like USD & BDT. These all of card support any ATM and online store across the globe. some of country still restricted to transact over internet but they are open for ATM withdrawal.

International Credit Card In Bangladesh

Lets discuss how to get a card

To get an international card you must be a permanent citizen of Bangladesh. this is the first requirement for everyone. now you need to have your sufficient document to proof that. only following categories can be availed an international visa or master card.

  • Government salaried person.
  • Established business with sufficient document. Ex. Company registration.
  • Individual business with sufficient credit line.
  • Any job with salary account
  • No job but agree to submit a term deposit.
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The above five category peoples can apply for international credit card. also another common requirement is international passport. now go on the way to have your card.

In my exception, i think more than 90% people located in last number category like (no job or no business but agree to submit a term deposit). i am thinking this because maximum people are not a government employee. also major number people don’t have a established business. at the end a few percent people living under normal job with salary account. all of others student & freelancer.

How to apply for credit card

Applying an international card is no more difficult. find your nearest bank like The City Bank, Dutch Bangla bank, Eastern Bank, Standard bank, Brac bank etc any one. fast service provider is ONE BANK LTD, Islami Bank Ltd, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. In those bank, top service provider is Brac Bank Ltd. you should go only a bank where you already an account holder. for all other bank you will need open a new account in order to apply for credit card. i prefer to contact with your bank hotline number and discuss them. once you reach your bank provide them your all document and request for a credit card.

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You will be asked for following documents

  • 2 Copy passport size photo
  • Your national identity card photo copy
  • Your Passport main page and second page photocopy.
  • Your nominee to withdraw fund for your absent life.
  • Your address verification document like (utility bill or bank statement)

Ask for the application form or just take help from an accountant to open your credit card account. you will be submit all of documents along with your bank account number and signature. you will get your card issued with 7-10 working days upon bank approval.

For student and others (expect business & employee)

No one of Bangladeshi bank issuing international card for student. however, if it happen we will update this article. for this moment we have an idea to get issued a card for student and others. to do so open a Term deposit which call fixed deposit. you can open a fixed deposit with minimum amount 50,000 (fifty thousand) to avail a card. you can deposit maximum 4,000,000 (four lacks) for the credit card. we already issued a few of credit card by submitting this secure fixed deposit. these all deposit are refundable and you will get money back once you cancel your card.

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Check Card Facility Before Application

For credit card details you can check from bank website. they allow 80%-90% credit limit to transact by your card. we have collected common card issuer bank and web page. see details from the links below.

Maximum card is issued for fiver years validity. Then, every bank card require a 3D security pin to make any transaction. make sure you have also applied for your software or hardware token. i will explain the transaction token at my next article. if you have any question related to this article don’t forget to comment below.