How To Load Payoneer Card? Possible Solution For Individual

Payoneer is the largest & greatest payment processing company for a freelancer, affiliates, and individual sellers. load Payoneer card with your outsource earnings! it’s the one of best solution where an easy payment method not available. this article has intended for Payoneer cardholder who wants to know possible refill option.

Read Short Facilitates To Load Payoneer Card!

  • You can withdraw cash using a Payoneer card from an ATM.
  • It is possible to verify Paypal & Moneybookers (Skrill) account with Payoneer card.
  • The Payoneer card supports online merchant to purchase over the internet.
  • Make payment via Paypal or Skrill using Payoneer debit card.
  • Payza and Neteller with few others merchant do not support Payoneer card.

Load Payoneer From Freelance Sites

load payoneer card

There is a various freelance site where you can earn money by doing freedom jobs. for an example-! you can find a similar top marketplace to start your job. once the money available in your account freelance account load Payoneer from there. small business like Fiverr, seoclerk, gigbucks & large business like freelancer, upwork etc supports Payoneer withdraw. you will be able to request for Payoneer withdrawal on the above platforms. they process payment once a week. your card will be loaded with the available funds during 3-5 business days.

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Load Payoneer using US payment services

In last few years Payoneer started US payment service. using US payment service you will be able to receive fund through a bank account. they provide a personal bank account in your own name & address. that bank account is 2-3 or more. generally, the bank organization is Bank of America, Wirecard etc are common. the bank account allows you receive fund from any US company. if you receive any fund from a personal account it will be rejected. however, receive fund from any company account is great. this option mostly used by affiliate/freelancer. I would suggest using US payment service when your incoming payment more than $1000. just provide your US bank account details to receive the fund.

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load payoneer card

Card to card transfer service

Another great option is a card to card transfer. it usable, when you have someone nearest willing to send via card to card transfer. your both account must be approved for the card to card transfer. contact Payoneer support if the card to card transfer not available. it is a rare option for long distance seller & buyer.

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Private Payoneer load

Private Payoneer load is enough complex. you need to have someone who wants to pay using their credit card. you will be a merchant to accept payment by credit card. to do this all you need to log in your Payoneer & send a request to buyer email. before you go ahead make sure your “Request payment” option is available. sometimes, Payoneer off private load if your account status is following-

  • Account age less than six months.
  • At least $150 already received from partner sites. ex-
  • No charge back in your past selling history.
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We can provide you Payoneer private load to active new cards or when need some fund on your account. in that, service we charge $15 or its equivalent BDT (1250 Tk) amount. this option is available only Bangladeshi Payoneer user. we accept payment via Bkash & Rocket only. comment to this article for loading your card.

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The above four method works fine to load your card. unfortunately, we don’t have more information if any other ways. In 2007-12 Payoneer was allowed private load using western union quick mone service. the option is no more! if you found this article helpful my few hours research will success. for any question, you can post a comment below.

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