How to lock unwanted call in your android phone

Feeling bad with huge unwanted call? this article can help you get out from the bad situation. now a days we receive many unwanted call like marketing and advertising. my goal is showing you a numbers of idea to prevent unknown call in your android phone. however, my one of idea can helpful for normal handset.

Solution for unwanted call

First, i will explain you a method which will work for any network across the globe. make sure you are using GSM services SIM card. CDMA and others technology may not work. if your goal is lock any incoming or outgoing call try the number below.

Lock incoming call: *35*0000# (unlock: #35*0000#)

Lock outgoing call: *33*0000# (unlock: #33*0000#)

Unlock all call: #330*0000#

The above lock code is valid for all kind GSM network provider SIM card. Dialing for incoming or outgoing will get locked your full contacts. it mean no one can call you or you cannot call someone. the lock system known as call barring. this lock function also available at any GSM supported handset.

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One more line to say about the default password. you already see default password is 0000 so this is an important matter. please change your password before doing anything and keep remember the password. to change password follow the changing code below. Its your security matter because everybody know default password. i would suggest grab the change before you enable any lock.

To change password: **03*330*Old Password* New Password* New Password#

Advantage for android phone

The call barring service is helpful only for lock all kind incoming or outgoing call or both. i hope you need a solution for specific number only. At this stage, a better option is android app. you may choice blocking number for following category.

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  • Block all call
  • Block black listed numbers (you need add number manually in blacklist)
  • Allow contact and block all unknown number
  • Allow white list and block all.

block unwanted call

While you are using an app it possible to select any one from above list. either, you can select allow contact only. I prefer contact only because you want to receive only known call. first download the app from the link here and try if it works on your android version. i have tested this app on several android version & it works for me. for all others related call blocker app is available here.

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Solution without app

Now android has a their own call blocking functionality in every new handset. look out your call settings and see if there any call blocking service. it should come with following function (see image below)

block unwanted call in phone

Android 6.0 or later version has available this function. i have tested on Redmi 4x devices. i will update this article once i found any better solution expect this. Ask me through the article below if you have any question or comment.