You must read this article before flashing your phone

After a complete research, I attempt to write an article about phone flashing. are you planning to flash your phone for any trouble? if your answer is yes then this article is very important for you. a major number problem would be found upon flashing your phone.

Flash Phone Issue For Android

There is a number of points must be checked before flashing your phone. there are few common flash tools like the miracle box, sp flash tool etc common. after flashing a phone IMEI number will be removed, this is your first problem. I’ve read few expertise articles where they said IMEI number can be reversed using an app. unfortunately, maximum latest version android phone does not work to reverse the IMEI. I will explain how they provided a solution to reverse IMEI.

There is another problem come up like NVRAM Warning in Wi-Fi menu. I have tried to fix those both issue by following experts guideline. I spent more than 14 hours or like a whole working day to get solved the problem. still, I am being unable to solve the problem. anyways, now I want to alert people before flashing a phone.

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How has the problem come up on your phone?

First, I saw a tutorial on youtube for how to flash an android then start my job. the video maker also agreed two problems would appear but he/she provided a solution like others which is worth of zero. this issue comes on the phone if you select (Format all+download) in the SP Flash tool. because it removing your company firmware ROM. basically a lot of people like custom ROM, as a result, a flash file is required to start the process. the flash file you have downloaded is not come up from original phone manufacture as it created by an engineer or individual developer. existing ROM file never matches with all formula of the original manufacturer. so you are doing two important things on your phone.

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  1. Formatting your original ROM.
  2. Uploading a custom ROM which is made by someone (unknown).
Phone flashing using sp flash tool
Phone flashing using sp flash tool

In this case, you are going to use a new ROM which is not provided by a phone company. this is a unique reason which I found for flashing a phone.

The best solution for flashing your phone

In short sentence, i can say any problem come with its solution too. first, download a virus-free flash file. make a search on google with your phone model number. you will get a few numbers website then try to match with your phone model and download the flash file. generally, a flash file size would be over one GB or like this. extract the file on your hard drive to starts flashing.

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Make sure you have select Firmware Upgrade or Download Only. Any dead phone or a locked phone should be restored with new styles. stress again, if you select (format+download) and flash your phone it will remove your IMEI. You can format the phone using any flash tool only when it won’t work by upgrading or download only flashed.

What if you already mistake like me and formatted your phone!

If someone of my readers mistake and already format their phone I would suggest using the latest IMEI writing device to write your IMEI again. trying CDC information, command prompt, engineer mode etc maximum task is wasting your time. in my next article, i will explain how to fix IMEI if you already mistake and format original ROM file.