ON Page SEO checklist 2017

On page SEO is the process of search engine optimization. getting huge unwanted back link is not any ranking solution. looking tips to increase online reputation like domain authority score? this article will explain you start to finish. on page SEO has several checklist point which you need follow to increase search ranking.

On page SEO Checklist

  • Title Tag
    Website title tag is very important for search ranking. if you really like to rank your keyword then use a good title which indicate your page content without enter website. title tag must be less then 160 and minimum 100 is perfect. title tag should be <title>Your product name</title>
  • H2 tag heading
    It like a sub heading of each article. you should use H2 tag in every articles too. heading tag must not linked with any external web page. H2 heading should be your article keywords.
  • H1 Header optimization
    Google and all others search engine check H1 tag in your articles. you should specify H1 big title in every article as a heading. without heading tag your on page SEO score is zero.
  • on page seo checklistMeta Name
    Google love to snap your site from meta tag. enter a description meta tag instead title and all others tag. meta name keyword & description is required to complete on page SEO. for an example you should use meta name like below.

<meta name=”keyword” content=”keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3″/>

<meta name=”description” content=”Product name with price and delivery information should be here”/>

  • External Link
    Add an external link to your article as the reference of your content. be careful you are not adding any external link with focus keyword. external link can be do follow and no follow both. always try to provide reference your article from where is your article source.
  • Image ALT tag
    This is very important because people might search image using a keyword that you used. use image ALT tag with your each image. every article should have at least one image and ALT tag with title tag.
  • Keyword density
    Writing article with huge word is not a solution but you must follow keyword density. google love keyword density 3% or few less. for an example i can say- if you write 500 word article then your keyword should appear 15 time. for WordPress user can check this using Yoast SEO Plugin.
  • Remove duplicate content
    Duplicate content mean copy from somewhere or spin from any others source. google can trace your copy paste content easily and down your rank. even stop using same keyword to write more than one article.
  • URL optimization
    page & articles URL should be shortest and long tail page URL is not fair. max 5 word in URL is great. must include your focus keyword in URL.
  • Sitemap Format
    Text and HTML sitemap is not helpful to increase indexing speed. use XML sitemap to get faster indexing. currently several plugins and online site offering XML sitemap for any website.

How to start on page process based on platform

Now a days maximum website owner making site using WordPress. if your one on same platform i suggest use Yoast SEO plugin. the plugin will continue you whole process of on page SEO. once your website ready with on page SEO try to start off page SEO. it involved link building, social marketing, wiki back link and forum profile. try to get back link from high rank website to speed up your ranking.

Additionally use google webmaster tools verification and analytic setup to start off page SEO.

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