Qarun Lake ! The Richest Man & Hidden Treasure In Egypt (History Of Quran)

Qarun Lake is located in the Northern West part of Al Fayoum Governorate in Upper Egypt. It is considered as what is remaining from old Moeris Lake. Qarun Lake is about 43 meters below sea level and about 202 square Kilo Meters area. The old name of the Qarun Lake is distinguished from the Greek version of Ancient Egyptian “Moeris Lake”. The importance of this lake is deserved from the story of Qarun. Until now, no one can ensure if the story took place before the Exodus of Sons of Israel from Egypt with Moses (PBUH). As there is no evidence that there is the treasure of Qarun under the water of the lake.

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Qarun lake & the rich man of Egypt

The Qarun story in Quran shows the evidence that the events of the story were before the Exodus of Sons of Israel from Egypt. Many History experts say that Qarun is considered Qarun as a cousin for Moses (PBUH). Qarun was a rich man from the sons of Israel. He was thinking of himself as the best one of the Israelites.

qarun lake
Qarun lake panoramic view

Qarun In Islam Religion

The story of Qarun as mentioned in Quran saying that he was one of Moses (PBUH)’s people and acting proudly towards them. Qarun was awarded as the richest person. Many people from Israelites advised him not to be cocky and never forget to Thank Allah for his grants. Religious Israelites advised him to seek the home of the Hereafter, remind him that all the money and treasures he has are a grace from Allah and to make sure that all treasures he has been to only transient.

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The Qarun Kingdom And Behaviour

qaroun lake viewQarun did not listen to their pieces of advice and mentioned that all treasures and money he owned was a result of his own knowledge. Qarun forgot the source of this grace and wisdom, and was blinded by money and wealth, and did not feel the grace of Allah. Other people thought that he just had a great fortune and wished to get what Qarun had.  Religious Israelites warned them to be aware of sedition, and fear Allah.

When Qarun kept his vanity and pride, Allah caused the earth to swallow him and his residence place. This was a lesson to people who desire Money, power, finery, and fortune in the world. The people’s aim is to seek the home of the Hereafter and do good to Allah and got the legal enjoyment in the world. We need to always keep in mind that in this life, nothing last forever.

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