How to receive money from skrill in Bangladesh

Skrill (known as moneybookers) one of the greatest payment processing service for the country where PayPal is not available.  Skrill account holder who located in Bangladesh can receive money by following ways.

Before You Try Skrill Bank withdraw

  • Your skrill account you must be verified through postal mail.
  • Add a credit/debit card to your account and enter the verification amount.
  • A bank account is required for Bangladeshi users.

You can withdraw money without this verification but there’s a limit number of transaction you can do with a very low amount. To keep your financial account safe, it’s required to add a credit/debit card and increase the limit to get perfect service.

  • Skrill does not offer credit card withdrawal like others payment processing company.
  • Be informed skrill is offering only bank transfer service for Bangladeshi user.
  • It will take 2-5 working days to reach the money in your bank account. Please make sure you already added a bank account in your skrill otherwise you cannot see bank name to make the withdrawal.

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Get transferred from skrill to local bank in Bangladesh

Make sure you already added a bank account to your account. we prefer an electronic bank for Bangladeshi. ex- DBBL, Brac, Bank Asia, Islami Bank etc.

  • Log in to your accountskrill withdraw bangladesh
  • Click Withdraw from the right side.
  • Select one of your local bank accounts.
  • Enter amount & click Continue.
  • Confirm your date of birth & submit.
  • Done!
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $11.12 for Bangladesh. it does not matter you are using a personal account or business. Currently, skrill only processes payment with EURO currency which might be changed later into USD.
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Now, wait for 2-5 working days to receive fund at your local bank. Mobile alert associated bank account holder will be notified through SMS once withdrawal reaches to your local bank. For professional use open an account at DBBL, Bank Asia or Brac with internet banking facility. You can receive payment from anywhere and you will be able to check it through i-banking. for more information make a call to help center or visit the branch office.

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The common problem to receive money from aboard

Bangladesh bank made rules recently to provide valid proof in order to receive the fund. it means if someone or company send money from out of the country you need to proof the fund ownership. when your skrill withdrawal reaches to the bank and waiting for approval you may need to submit skrill screenshot along with your national ID card.

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What else if your account suspended with the available fund?

We have heard many peoples who have available money in skrill but the account is suspended. in this matter you can contact them to release fund and close the account permanently. seems, you already contacted much time to get unlocked the account? still, they wont to unlock you? there is an only solution request to close the relation and refund your money. for any similar situation, you can post a comment below! we are happy to response you from our best experience.

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