How To Sell Your Product At Online Marketplace Over Internet

Nowadays, you are under control to sell an item over the internet. it may be used or brand new or something else. selling a product is easy just prepare your mind to sell it. you are in a window to know something special. lets choice your best & easy solution for sale any product. I am talking about digital & physical product expect any restricted item.

Sell An Item In Marketplace

This is a common question for everyone! the answer is easy like listing your item to the most famous marketplace. there is a few best online marketplace where people can buy & sell. an example website is –! it looks like some advertisement of your product image and receiving an order from any customer.

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Top five marketplace to sell an item

Sell your item on ebay
A parcel of eBay Inc.

Step to list your item

  • Open an account from any marketplace above.
  • Look for seller panel.
  • List your item including image and natural description.
  • Published the item.


You will be asked for a payment method to receive payment. if any buyer place you an order the payment will come to that method. I would prefer to use PayPal as it famous. make sure you know those all marketplace charge for each item you sell. the seller fees charged from a credit card or PayPal. maximum marketplace accepts PayPal & card.

Receiving order & shipment

All of marketplace allow you sell through auction or fixed price. in auction people would placing their bid for their interested amount. another way you can sell like fixed price. once an auction is over you should receive payment from the customer. meanwhile, answer customer question if anyone message you. for successful payment ship the item to customer address. make sure you have use correct shipping address which come with payment. never send your item to any unknown address. it can increase your chance of a dispute.

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Shipping method

DHL Express shipping method

There are several shipping method! you should specify shipping method on listed item. don’t change the shipping method after receiving order. for international seller best shipping method is DHL, FEDEX, TNT etc. however, you can use United State Postal Service. i am wondering to share it, i already purchased a lot of item from such marketplace and they are fine. i have received my item smoothly by shipping network.

Unpaid Item Case

It helpful for auction item. when you list auction based item winner should make payment in XX days. sometime customer failed to make payment. in that case you should open unpaid item case. if you do not open the case then marketplace still charged you. to prevent such problem create a unpaid case.  after a review the company update your seller fees invoice. thus the way you can sale your product online. for any difficulty don’t forget to check help & support page.