How can i send money from Bangladesh to India?

I have been investigating the matter very deeply. unfortunately, no such ways to send money from Bangladesh to any others country. today, we (blogger team) bring a perfect solution for all everybody. I am sitting on with a good breath and relax because we are a success. the news should spread everywhere in us who following & awaiting to hear it.

Sending money is restricted by BDG & IND government

In my recent article, I have explained our govt. won’t allow sending money aboard. so the option must be different than legal ways. it could be exchanged or use any 3rd party from out of country etc. There is much organization in Bangladesh & India who can receive remittance. I went to both countries to observe their activities. money transfer company like western union, money gram, perfect money etc agent follow government rules. so everywhere I gotta same results (receive only).

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The transferring method

In few past months (from Aug-Sept 2018), we have been trying to figure it out. the question was always a headache. finally, we have invented a great way for both countries. we have been parter with few Indian organization. serving them for IT Service and getting paid. now the fund is available in both places to send someone is very easy. even you need fund at midnight we can help you with that. I know the function is not enough good but when government preventing us I think our plan is fine to help people. to send money anywhere in between IND & BDG follow the next step.

Ready to send or receive within India vs Bangladesh?

Contact us: +1XXXXXXXX (WhatsApp only)
Accepted payment: Mobile Banking & Bank Transfer
Accepted e-Currency: Bitcoin

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  • Step 1: Enter an amount to check the output for your receiver.
  • Step 2: Send your payment us and get payment ID for the form below.
  • Step 3:  Enter the information to the form and click submit.

Provide Your Information Below
We will charge following- ($100-250= $25+4.97%), ($250-500=$50+3.97%)

Important: Do not submit fake information unless you have sent your payment to us. after receiving your clear payment we will provide a payment ID. then submit the above form including provided payment ID and your receiver information.

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Note 1: Your receiver account will be credited within 1-3 working days.
Note 2: If your receiver account is failed to receive the money we will notify you via email or phone.

Having some questions before you proceed to transfer? feel free post a comment below to get answered.