Can i send money from Bangladesh through Western union?

We know western union & others money transfer organization allow only drop money to Bangladesh. since our government not allowing send money from Bangladesh so western union does not allow us to send money. There is no scope to send money from Bangladesh. It now clear so, do not doubt anything about it. I will explain how to solve this problem. just keep reading to the end of this article.

Western Union & Bank?

You can only send money through western union to another country if your government permit this act. Unless the only thing you can enjoy is to collect money from other countries. Some country doesn’t allow you to send money abroad. For example, I can say that if you live in a restricted country like Bangladesh, then there’s no way to send money to another country. To be more precise, there’s really no way for you to send money to another country, even using a bank or postal money order.

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send money from bangladesh

The only LLC business & student fees can be sent out-

If you are living abroad for studying or you’re an LLC business, then you can send money from Bangladesh. To do this, you must have a proper ID verification power because the local bank will ask you- why you want to send money aboard? So individual person still unable to send money aboard using any payment source.

So is it possible to send money from Bangladesh?

The answer still no! we can’t make a plan for something that is fully barred by government rules. It would be hard if you’re living in a restricted country like Bangladesh. there few options still available to make this happen. I will show you the best option to this your self. you will be able to send & receive money from anywhere in the world. there is a website called who allow this type of transfer. unfortunately, Bangladesh still blocked on the site. you can’t access from Bangladesh. if you are living others country expect Bangladesh then open an account to get started.

The great solution for Bangladeshi peoples!

We can help you moving money faster to your destination. this may take several days and hours. we allow max $1500 per transaction. we will collect the fund from you & process it to transfer your destination country. our transfer pricing is below.

Normal Delivery
Price: $35+10% of your requested amount.
Delivery: 7-14 working days for any country.

Urgent Delivery
Price: $50+12.5% of your requested amount.
Delivery: 1-3 working days for any country.

If you want to transfer fund quickly in a minute we can help you with that. transferring money within 2-3 hours is available in the subject an additional charge. we will ask for your receiver name, phone number, and bank or mobile payment account details.

Important: This is not a money laundering or law opposition job. we just take help from someone who lives in your destination country. exchange the fund between you & him. to continue your transfer post your comment below. either you can write us for fast response.