How To Write An SEO Article? Checklist For 2018

There is a proverb for internet business “Article is the life of blog”. It looks like a universal truth. without a unique SEO article, traffic score may be zero. besides, a single article can help you make thousands of dollar. Today, I will explain the best tips on SEO article writing task. the article could be for business or your own blog. I hope your goal is getting good revenue from the article.

SEO Article Writing Check List

When you ready to start writing an article make sure you have checked the followings.

  • Article spelling & grammar error free.
  • Search engine friendly like meta tag, keywords, description tag etc.
  • Article length should be 500-1000 words.
  • Article subject and entire details should be extraction step by step.
  • A great introduction, explanation, few example & conclusion is fine.
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Start writing your SEO Article

seo article

Make sure you are well planned. before attempting to write you must be experienced on the subject. without sufficient knowledge, you should not write poor content. I had written a lot of articles which worth was zero. the same sentence is not perfect for multiple times. if you are ready let’s start with a great research.

Keyword Density

Google and other search engine crawler love 3% keyword density. Try to present your keyword three percent time. it also indicates each hundred words article can show your article three time. no internal or external link helpful with keywords. don’t use any hyperlink with keywords text.

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Style & Design

Article structure comes with H1, H2, H3 heading. Use inbound and outbound text link. image example is another design. make sure you have been using some ALT text using your focus keyword. image without ALT text is not correct for SEO article. I prefer to use table and images for addressing your contents. generally, people write ugly type text for lack of experience. you should follow the bad and good points from below.

You must take care following

I must say to avoid a number of bad listing on the article.

  • Text & entire page should not be bigger.
  • The image file is maximum 500 KB is fine & PNG format is good.
  • Use compress file system. ex- minify your script for better page speed.
  • Content size like text and table etc should not exceed 1000 words.
  • Only present real and useful description.
  • Avoid using the same sentence again & again.
  • Try to link a reference/source of your contents.
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Conclusion: I have been a writing expert since 2007. My personal experience says only unique article followed by Google. people love making a huge backlink to rank their pages. I must tell you to stop paying your SEO maker to create the unwanted backlink. for any specific question related your article just drop a comment below. thanks for reading my article.