The history of cave of seven sleepers in Jordan

Cave of seven sleepers is the most famous one history in the Muslim world. the cave is located in city Amman, Jordan! it 7 kilometers (north side) away from Amman. exact village name Al-Rakib which is known as AL-Razik. there is few more historical cave are available in the same village. In 1868, Archeologist “Clemore Korno” visited the cave called Arakin. he said the cave match with the description of AL-Quran, Bible & Tawrat.

An exact location of the cave, how many people inside & exact time of the story is not available in AL-Quran. Based on Al-Quran description (Al-Kahaf) we confirm it was 7 young with a dog.

Details about cave of seven sleepers

We found seven names whos involved in this story. There is not much information but only it confirms they were believed in Allah & prophet Isa (Jesus). Bible declares the seven name which is following-

  1. Tamlika
  2. Noex Lima
  3. Maha Dataus
  4. Linous
  5. Sahinonus
  6. Junoanus
  7. Kasifitannass
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cave of seven sleepers
The cave of Arakin, Al-Razik, Amman, Jordan.

Those seven young men were forced by king Dakianus IBN Rukta. King forced them to worship for dol. besides, they all believed only a God (Allah). Their king became angry at them and attack for punishment. to save their life they all were running away from the kingdom. By the end, they reach Arakin cave to save their life.

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What was happening in the cave?

Once they reach to the cave they prayed to Allah to save them. they agree to pray only for Allah not worship for dol. We know Allah accept their pray & block the cave with spider net. After reaching, the Dakianus arms were seen the cave is blocked with spider net. only a few pigeons are flying and eating foods. that’s the reason armed force decided no one is living here & they leave that place.

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Allah put them to sleep! In a single sleep, they were passed 309 years (based on AL-Quran: Al-Kahaf). No one of them was not sure how long they sleeping. after a time all keep eyes and woke up. they felt too much hungry! one of them went out to the market to purchase some foods.

Seven sleepers with the shopkeeper

After buying some food the sleepers paying the value of foods. but the shopkeeper said the coin is very old and has been expired since 100+ years ago. shopkeeper also asked him where you got this money? he would not interested to disclose everything. Then the shopkeeper called the administration for investigation. Govt administration heard everything and went to see rest peoples. Fortunately, govt police respect them after hearing full history. they all confirm actual duration was 309 years since they slept. The seven is buried in the save cave forever. they are buried in a single grave.

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seven sleepers grave
Seven Sleepers Grave
The dogs with seven sleepers

There was a dog involvement with the seven sleepers. the dog was coming from starting time. when the seven-person into the cave the dog was watching them. the most of writer said in Islamic books about the seven young peoples. the seven young man will rise to paradise with their dog. because the dog was with them till they reach to the cave. at the current world the seven sleepers cave and the grave located at the same position. instead of the seven people their dog is sleeping forever. we do not confirm it, although we heard much time but don’t have any proof right of hadith & Quran.

The cave is located on Amman, Jordan instead of the sea coast. The same type of seven sleepers located in Efsus so this is another young man in the cave. to view, the cave in google map click here.