How to submit website to google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools is the first step to receive organic traffic. you may have a blog or eCommerce website which need to be index on google. especially, if you want to receive many traffic from search engine. google and others search engine has their own tools to get indexed. my article goal is explaining you the easy step to submit your website to google. make sure you have a header file on your server and ready with sitemap. lets follow the step to get connected with webmaster tools.

Why Google Webmaster Tools

Yes, because google can index any website URL and appeared on visitor search result. thus the way people can reach your website. for other webmaster tools i can say it different than google however, related of it. to submit your website at google engine pre pare with correct XML sitemap where all of your page/post URL listed fairly. you can use a spider to determine search engine crawler activity. let’s ahead to setup your domain with google engine.

How to submit your website

Attempt to login through the link below. you will be asked for a google account. if you don’t have one please create a new and start the setup.

Google Webmaster Tools:

webmaster tools

  • Click on “ADD A PROPERTY”
  • Write your website address name. you can include http or https if any or just use www.
  • Click on “Add” to be listed on webmaster tools.
  • Now time to verify the domain ownership.

Verify your domain ownership in google webmaster tools

Let me explain how to verify your domain name. google want to confirm the domain name is yours. its help people to protect stole any domain data to someone else.

upload file to webmaster tools

  • Click on “Verify this property” (see right side of your domain name)
  • Download a file provided by google and upload on your sever.
  • You can use alternate method like place a meta tag on header file.
  • Click on “verify” to get verified.

Adding a sitemap

Sitemap is an important part of submission your website. google may not crawl your domain unless you submit a sitemap. google love XML sitemap. i prefer to create a sitemap using Yoast SEO plugin. it available only at WordPress platform. with a custom program like HTML, PHP etc site should make their sitemap by online service. there is a few best sitemap generator just use one!

Yoast Plugin sitemap
This is an example sitemap by Yoast SEO Plugin

To add a sitemap follow the instruction below

  • Click “Crawl” under left side dashboard menu.
  • Click on “Sitemap” from expanded list.
  • Look “Add/Test sitemap” from right side upper menu & click on it.
  • Enter your sitemap URL expect main domain name.
  • Click on “Submit”

You will get following list and item on the sitemap page.

sitemap view

You are done! this is things you successfully submitted the domain on google search engine. now its time to get crawled. the search engine spider generally crawl every page and post each 24 hours. sometime it can take a while based on your sitemap priority.

How to improve your site traffic

Its like a big question because every site owner asking same. i would suggest to write fresh content with proper screen short. useful content always bring real traffic. buying back link for search engine ranks is harmful. never attempt to buy unnatural back link from someone. try to face google bot under the left side menu for quick index. it usually helpful for each new article you post on the blog.