Unlock bootloader to gain root access on android MTK devices

Thanks for reaching out my articles. there are a few numbers of Android devices wont to root. especially, I have tested my self for the latest version of Android. new peoples and generall user are not so expert in this matter. I am going to explain bootloader unlocking method to beat this issue. before, I explaining any method make sure your device is MTK processor. no other chip may not work properly by following this article.

Our goal is gain root access for MTK device, so please start following steps one by one. before you do anything take a full backup your data. everything will be deleted upon bootloader unlocked.

Required tools

Unlock Bootloader

Every phone company locked bootloader for warranty & security. if you unlock it any time your warranty will be void. make sure you know this before going ahead. also, root access permission setup means your warranty is void. now start your process.

Frist, download ADB driver & Minimal ADB fastboot software from the above links. ADB driver is 9.22MB or less with a ZIP file. please extract the zip and install the application on your PC. then, install the second software too.

Prepare Your Cell Phone To Get Unlocked

debugging mode
debugging mode

Make sure you already on “USB Debugging” at developer option. to reach developer option press “settings>developer options”. if you cannot see developer option at the end of settings menu then open “About Phone” and press build number for 7/8 time untill you see “you are now a developer”. go back to the settings menu and see developer option appeared now.

Enable developer option for first then enable “USB debugging” mode and OEM unlock.

See the image screen to understand about enabling USB debugging. after that, check for OEM unlock. if OEM unlocks unavailable on your developer option then your phone might have another problem or need permission from cell provider company.

Let’s make a simple test using data cable connection. connect your phone and see what option come with the connectivity. scroll down the notification window and enable USB debugging for your phone.

Bootloader unlock step

  • Switch off your phone!

Press the Volume+ and power button at the same time to access ROM settings. this function might be different by phone to phone. you can try using volume- button unless it worked with plus volume. the power button is common! once you got to access the option find “fastboot mode”  or similar name on your device. ex. fastboot access etc.

  • Now connect your phone

Connect using data cable with your PC. if you don’t understand or not sure it connected properly please verify your signal light may be on or a connect tone should hear. now open the minimal adb fastboot from your desktop or start menu program.

  • CMD window will appear

Now write your first command “fastboot devices” and press enter. your device number will be displayed and a second line will appear. enter the second command “fastboot oem unlock” press enter.  now press volume+ button to authorize your phone company to get unlocked your bootloader. next, command “fastboot reboot” to restart your phone.


unlock bootloader
fastboot devices

Instruction: you will enter the three command.

  1. write “fastboot devices” and press enter. (it will show your device number)
  2. write “fastboot oem unlock” & press enter (then follow your phone and press volume+ button) (it will ask for Y/N)
  3. write “fastboot reboot” & press enter to restart your phone with unlocked status. (it will get unlocked if Y)
  4. Done!
Erase & New settings

Your phone data will be deleted permanently (see mobile screen) during the progress. A new setting with a welcome message will appear soon. Your bootloader has been unlocked successfully. now time to install Superuser application with recovery image. I will explain rest at my next article to root your device.

Recommendation: I personally tested several apps to get root access even a huge number of youtube video tutorial. unfortunately, maximum tutorial failed to root my phone. basically, latest android version is difficult to root. You should not install huge app. Comment below for any similar questions.



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